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February 28, 2009

Hello to all and thanks for checking out my website. I have a new job as a sales representative with John Deere Golf. It is a wonderful opportunity for me to remain active in the golf industry that I love. I call on over 120 golf courses offering control products to superintendents in central and northern New Jersey along with parts of Orange, Rockland, and Sullivan Counties in New York. I guess I forgot to mention that we have relocated back to New Jersey from Florida. I have been here in New Jersey since April and Candy since the end of July. Candy has gotten a job as a Receptionest for an Orthopedic Group in Ridgewood. We did not sell our home in Florida and Candy's sister Kim will be staying there and keeping an eye on the house for us. We are presently renting in Ringwood New Jersey. We are excited to be back with our friends, family, and grandchildren living here. Keeping the house in Florida allows us to visit frequently with those friends and family members residing there. Our son in law Mitch has returned from his 4th tour of duty and we are all happy to have him home safe. Jamie has been married for almost three years now and keeps herself busy with their 8 dogs. My son Brian has remarried and his business is doing very well. My sister Bonnie still lives in Las Vegas with her husband Bill who I consider one of my best friends. I have rejoined The Wyckoff Fire Department as I still hold a strong bond for all the volunteers who I consider my family. Candy and I will be married for 32 years this May and my life with her has not only been my strength, but my everything. Peace, love, health, happiness,and success to all my family and friends!

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