Monk Fish Alexahente
Serves 2

Great for that pull out all the stops on 3rd date!

2 One pound filets of Monk fish cleaned and shelled
1 cup flour
cup sliced almonds
2 eggs
1 Diced plum tomato
Teaspoon salt
Teaspoon Pepper
Fresh Parsley
Rice as needed for two

1. Wash fish then coat completely in flour.

2. Melt butter in sauce pan on low flame. Add diced tomato, sliced almonds, and chopped parsley.

3. Then fully coat fish in two beaten eggs.

4. Increase heat in sauce pan to medium and saute Monk fish in mixture adding salt and pepper.

5. Brown fish to golden crisp on both sides.

6. Place Monk fish over cooked rice.

7. Drizzle remains of the mixture over the fish and rice.

8. Sprinkle chopped parsley around dish as a garnish.

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