Our Puppy Family

November 2006
Chloe the day we got her from the animal shelter.

March 2007
Chloe as she is today.

March 2007
Bonnie playing hide and seek with Chloe.

December 2006
Bonnie after her haircut and bandana yee ha.

October 2006
Bonnie in her Halloween outfit.

January 2007
Bonnie & Chloe taking a time out.

October 2007
This is Abbie and I love my grandpa Wayne!

March 2007
This is Lady and I am an instigator!

Taken October 4, 2006
Our first grandpuppy Roxy

Taken August 26, 2006
Roxy in her new house with the big back yard

Taken August 26, 2006
"Hi I'm Rafferty and I think I hear my grandpa comming"

Taken December 17, 2006
"I'm ready for the army like my dad."

Taken September 22, 2006
Here is Rafferty and his big big brother Jackson Puppy "I Don't dare touch his food "

Taken September 22, 2006
My name is Bella but everyone calls me "Bella Smella"

My name is Mickey. "My parents call me Mickey Mouse!"

"My name is Emma Leigh and I can jump over most fences"

Here is the whole Hoover Canine Clan together

Taken April 30, 2004
This is Spike who lived with Bonnie & Bill in Las Vegas "Forever in our Hearts" Died October 29,2005

June 26, 2004
This is Jolson, Jamie's first true friend "He too is Forever in our Hearts " Died April 6, 2005

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