Fun Photos of Family and Friends

August 2007
Wayne and Gregory Pink in the pool during the Pink's visit to Florida

August 2007
Steve Pink and Chloe enjoying each others company!

August 2007
Steve and Gregory spending quality time in our pool!

September 2007
Wayne,Bruce,Jackie,and Candy enjoying lunch at Sam's during their one day visit!

September 2007
Home of the Florida Gators!

September 2007
It's great to root for the Florida Gators! Thanks for the shirt sis!

October 2007
This is my niece Kate who is a cheerleader for Central High School

Mitch and the kids. "It must be bedtime somewhere!"

--> Jamie's army husband, friend, and true love!

June 2007
Jamie and Stacy. "Both are army wives"

Brian and Alex "Happy Together"

July 2005
Brian navigating his boat."Hey watch where you are going!"

July 2005
Jim McNally enjoying Brian's boat "Brian, do you know where you are going ?"

January 2001
Jamie and Brian

September 2006
My sister Bonnie and her husband Bill "He is my computer mentor, my brother-in-law, and my good friend."

December 2004
Our friends Steve, Bobbi, and Gregory Pink in NYC

January 2002
Me, my sister Bonnie, and my brother Jim.

Jamie and Mitch "So much life ahead"

December 31, 2006
Candy on the roof of The Rio Hotel in Las Vegas "Happy New Year"

December 17, 2006
A Collage of Bonnie I made for Bill this past Christmas for his office

December 26, 2006
Brian gave me this for Christmas. The words are to the song "Do I Make You Proud"

Taken August 05, 2006
Devil Rays vs Boston @ Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg "Devil Rays Won!"

July 2006
My wife Candy "Wayne can I use the computer now!"

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