I Loved You First !

July 2006
Remember Jamie, I Loved You First!

Not so long ago!
This seems like only yesterday!

Remember Jamie how you hated your curly hair?

April 2007
Well 22 years later you still wear funny things on your head!

You called Disney World, "Ditty World!" Epcot Center was "Apricot Center!"

August 2005
Jamie now goes to Disney with her army man!

Those Innocent Years!
Showing your sexy side to mommy and daddy!

You always had a love of animals!

Probably why you have eight dogs of your own!

March 2006
You have always loved kids too!

Like your nephew Justin here!

February 2006
And your second cousin Madison!

Please tell me your not thinking about having eight of these :-)

April 1992
Another birthday for my little girl!

June 2003
Ahh! High school graduation

Remember I paid $250.00 to have your diploma framed!

Can we go for a ride in the cart dad and can I drive?

Christmas Past
So many Christmas memories!

I have always stood behind you!

And also along side you!

But I did it first!

July 2006
Dad is still thankful for the kisses on the cheek!

July 2006
And mom and I still love to give them to you!

March 2007
So you have moved to your new home!

July 2006
And these faces are full of pride and of love!

But dear daughter Jamie, We loved you first!!!

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