Do I Make you Proud

May 2007
Brian and his mighty watergun playing with his boys Justin and Jack

June 2, 2007
Brian, Alex, and Jack on the slide at Bowcraft Amusement Park

May 23, 2007
Brian, Justin, and Jack before the big game

May 30, 2007
Brian and the boys working on their Pepsodent smile!

May 2007
Brian and Alexandria before a night on the town

June 3, 2007
The song that is playing tells the story!

November 23, 2005
Brian Remo the actor!

May 2007
Brian in the lead role as Darren Lemming, No. 11 centerfield

May 2007
Brian and Scott Ramsey who plays Kippy Sunderstrom in Take me Out

May 2007
Newspaper article about the play Take Me Out

May 2007
The Elmwood Playhouse where Take Me Out was performed

December 2001
Brian and Jamie have always made us proud!

May 2007
Brian and the boys in the arcade

June 2007
Father and son, but more importantly, best of friends!

June 2007
Yes Brian I am a proud father and grandfather of these your boys!

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